P1 Reviewed by AudioFader

"P1 si presenta con una livrea nera e ben pochi fronzoli grafici..."

P1 Reviewed by Sound on Sound

"The P1 is a simple, tasteful‑looking design that..."

SPIDER Reviewed by AudioFader

"L’originalità di Spider risiede nell’idea, finalmente, di unire un un unico prodotto..."

Cargo and SPIDER Reviewed by MUSICOFF

"....l’esortazione a provare i dispositivi di Bad Dogs ..."

Get every dynamic microphone sound better with Cargo

This video explains how Cargo improves the quality of your recordings and how...

Spider Usage Video Demo

Watch this video to see all the beautiful things that Spider can do for you!

P1 Transformer Installation Procedure

Learn how easy it is to install/change the output transformer on the P1...