Cargo - Variable Load Impedance


Cargo is a device designed to allow you to change the load impedance seen by your ribbon and dynamic microphones. This way you can affect the microphone frequency response, or optimize the matching between mic and preamplifier to fully exploit the sonic characteristics of your microphone.

The physical characteristics of magnetic transducers make it so that their electrical impedance change with the frequency of the reproduced signal. Therefore, by changing the load impedance seen by the microphone, you can modify its signal and frequency response.

Also, through a switch placed on the rear of the unit, Cargo can boost the level of less sensitive microphones, as for example ribbon mics.

All of that via Phantom Power, try it out! …you will not regret it!

€115 (inc. VAT)


  • Discrete Class A transistor circuitry
  • Continuously Variable Load Impedance
  • Compact Design
  • Phantom Powered
  • +25dB gain switch
  • Change frequency response of moving coil dynamic and ribbon mics to suits your needs
  • Provide additional gain to ribbon and dynamic microphones
  • High impedance to properly load ribbon mics
  • Optimize signal transfer from mic to pre

Use Cases


0dB (25dB switch depressed)

Input Impedance
150Ω to 40kΩ continuously variable

Max Input Level
+10dBu (-15dBu switch depressed)

Freq. Res.
4Hz to 100KHz, -3dB @ 10dBu

0.0008% @ 1KHz, 4dBu

-124dBu, 20 to 22KHz, 150Ω terminated

Max Output Level

Output Impedance