P1 Mic Pre Macro

P1 - Professional Mic Pre 500 Series Format


P1 is a professional microphone preamplifier designed to fit 500 format compatible racks.

Developed with an original circuit topology, it provides you with a fully discrete Class A amplification stage featuring very low noise and accurate sound, yet it possesses lots of character and finds itself at ease in every recording situation, be it a home recording setup or a professional studio, P1 will never let you down.

Designed with the best of components and developed to be protected against common electronic device failures such as short circuits, over-voltages and static discharges, the P1 microphone preamplifier is a device you can trust.

Besides the common controls found on studio Mic Pres, P1 offers you a HI-Z ¼” jack input that allows you to record instruments such as guitars and basses without the use of a DI.

€419 (inc. VAT)

P1 Mic Preamp Front


  • Discrete Class A transistor amplifier
  • Rugged design
  • Quality components
  • Transformer Ready
  • 20dB PAD, Phase Reversal and Phantom power switches
  • Tri-colored LED for signal monitoring
  • 80Hz gentle hi-pass filter
  • ¼” TRS connector for Hi-Z inputs

Transformer Ready

P1 is customizable and it has been designed to allow you, even at a later time, to experiment with the sonic character of the module in accordance to your taste and recording needs.

For this reason the module can be easily and quickly fitted with a line output transformer choosing from two of the most renowned audio transformer manufacturer. That is, Jensen JT-11-HFMPC and Lundahl LL1517, two models with different sonic properties.



12dB to 65dB continuously variable

Input Impedance

Max Input Level
+31dBu (PAD inserted)

Freq. Res.
4Hz to 50KHz, -3dB (65dB gain)

0.004% @ 1KHz, +24dBu

-127dBu, 20 to 22KHz, 150Ω termination

>80dB, 1KHz (65dB gain)


-5dB to 45dB

Input Impedance

Max Input Level

Freq. Res.
4Hz to 50KHz, -3dB (45dB gain)

0.004% @ 1KHz, +24dBu