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Bad Dogs is an Italian company, set up in 2020 by its founder Francesco Canacci with the aim to develop and produce professional audio devices at an affordable price and with no compromises on quality. Our background comes from electronic degrees and professional work for some of the best audio companies, but above all it derives from our passion for music and sound recording that has never left us after all these years.

Our design philosophy is to take advantage of modern technologies to improve the circuit topologies and solution hitherto used in studio gears. For this reason, each of our project revolve around the use of original designs and a careful qualification and verification of the device being developed.

The first product released by Bad Dogs is P1, a professional microphone preamplifier designed to fit 500 format racks. The original design and the possibility to customize its sonic character through the installation of two models of output transformers, make P1 one of a kind.


Our mission is to provide you with rugged, good-looking, well-engineered great sounding units at a reasonable price so that you can express yourself at your best without too much fuss.

We are musicians, we are sound engineer, we are audio enthusiast electronic engineer....
We are the Bad Dogs
And we are here to Unleash Your Sound!


"It all started with a “made in Japan” Fender Stratocaster…
From my bedroom to some local bands, from venues to studios…
I got drawn into recording and mixing and went on working in some recording studios.
There it is when I got addicted to recording gears and we started modifying and producing our own.
I then decided to bring it further and went to the UK to get a degree in electronics. I got in touch and worked for some well-known audio brands over there…wonderful years, wonderful people.
After a few years I decided to come back home, but still in love with audio gears."