Warranty Policy

Warranty policy
Please, read this Limited hardware Warranty before using any of the Bad Dogs products covered by Limited Warranty. By using the product you indicate that you accept the terms contained in this Limited Warranty and that you agree to abide to them as if you had signed a written agreement with Bad Dogs.

The Bad Dogs Limited Warranty covers only the original end users that have bought the Product directly from Bad Dogs or from a retailer that Bad Dogs has designed as an Authorised dealer. This means that if you are not the original end user or have purchased the product from someone other than Bad Dogs or an Authorised dealer you will not be covered by this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty covers defects in material and functioning of the Product only up to the original purchase price of the Product and excludes any consequential damage or loss.

This Limited Warranty covers only defective products that comply with all the terms described in this Limited Warranty and that have been returned following our RMA procedure as set forth in the Service and Repair page of this website. Any Product returned to us without a valid RMA number and Proof of Purchase may be rejected and returned to the customer at the customer expenses, or kept at Bad Dogs facility for 30 days for the customer to arrange collection. After, the product will be disposed of at Bad Dogs’ sole discretion.

This Limited Warranty will not cover damages caused by: (i) improper use, installation or storage of the Product, (ii) Negligence, accident, abuse, modification, alteration, or unusual stress, (iii) third party products used in conjunction with the Product that caused damage to the Product, (iv) service and repairs performed by anyone other than Bad Dogs, (v) normal wear and tear, (vi) inadequate packaging of the Product shipped to us for repair under this Limited Warranty. It is the user responsibility to ensure fitness for purpose in any particular application.

This Limited Warranty is void if the Product returned to Bad Dogs present any alteration (including removed or missing components) which has not been previously agreed with us.

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the Product to Bad Dogs. When the service is completed, we will ship the product back to the customer at our own cost using the same shipping method used to return the product to us.

Bad Dogs cannot be held responsible for packages that are damaged, lost or misdirected (customers should submit the claim directly to the courier service provider).

The Bad Dogs Limited Warranty covers the purchased product for a period of two (2) years from the original end user purchase date from Bad Dogs or from a retailer indicated by Bad Dogs as an Authorised dealer. The original end user must provide proof of purchase in order to be able to make a claim under warranty.

This Limited Warranty on the repaired/replaced Product shall be valid for a period of sixty (60) days following the repair/replacement of the Product or the remaining period of the Limited Warranty, whichever is greater.

Bad Dogs would like to point out that some jurisdictions give end users legal rights in addition to those described above. For more information about your specific legal rights, please contact your local authority, trading standards department, citizens advice bureau or local equivalent.

Bad Dogs does not seek to limit an end user’s Warranty rights to any extent not permitted by law, but to the extent that applicable law does not provide for specific rights. Should you have any question about our Limited Warranty Policy, or you would like to exercise some of your country specific legal rights, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@baddogsaudio.com.

Or write to us at:

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This Warranty Policy was last updated on 20 February 2020.